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Semantic meanings exist as hierarchical recursions of a commonly shared meaning that defines itself

It seems that the main problem with the implementation of semantic technologies in Web 3.0 (besides the difficulty in gathering information from disparate locations) are the difficulties in creating semantic output as a natural and neutral language capable of interpreting the abstract and experiential meanings to be found in the conveyance of information in human [...]


We construct who we are by constructing who we are when we learn.

Our experience of constructing meaning or constructing knowledge is our experience of using experience as that which constructs meaning or knowledge. We construct meaning by constructing mental representations of that which has or is meaning to us. We are the sum interpretation of our experiences. This is not saying that nature plays no part in [...]

Does language shape the brain or does the brain shape language? Photo courtesy of

It is the Nature of How Language is learned that Creates Similarities in How Language is used

Saffran (2003) authored a paper entitled Statistical language learning mechanisms and constraints. This blog post summarizes Saffran’s paper beginning with a description of statistical mechanisms and constraints as cues that work to help learners discover patterns in language, but these patterns in language may actually be the structured evidence of kinds of learning patterns used [...]