Bias is the Belief We Already Know all the Information We Need to Know

Clicking the .PDF document link below will open the 18 page paper on how the nature of our experiences is in actuality the nature of our learning through experiences.

Bias is the Belief We Already Know all the Information We Need to Know


The birds are sitting on the ends of wooden posts.
The birds are sitting on the ends of wooden posts.

Some of the most contentious concepts and ideas lack information as a means of evaluating their claims and drawing definite conclusions about them. How we think is to use all available information or experiences we know about something or someone as a mental representation we model in our thinking looking for consistency of information in this model from among all the memories we have. We perceive this mental representation of some subject matter when we are thinking about it as a purposeful gathering together of our memories and learning by arranging them to make sense of what we know about the subject. The Anthropic Principle is a subject people have conclusions about, but these are based on experience and learned information without complete information that these conclusions as beliefs are even relevant to the Anthropic Principle. In the absence of complete knowledge about something or someone which is rarely attained to by anyone, how we use the information we have is determined by how we learned it and how we learned it is the biased way in which we use it. This artifact was picked for inclusion in the portfolio as an example of the associations between objects, their attributes, our image of ourselves and learning as influenced by the kinds of objects we experience, and the sense that our experiences as bias is conditioned by what we associate within our experiences as information. This paper on the use of information by people is about how people interpret their experiences as information.

Clicking the link below will take the reader to a blog post that discusses the concerns with how our learning by experience is in actuality better called our experience of learning who we are when we learn from our experiences:

We construct who we are by constructing who we are when we learn