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Knowledge organization structures, systems, and services digital repository project proposal

Clicking the .PDF document link below will open the 21 page information structure map documenting a digital repository project proposal created for a knowledge organization structures, systems, and services college graduate course:

Randy Abbott’s Digital Repository Project Proposal


Digital repository picture.
Digital repository project depiction.

The information structure map represented in this project is a hierarchical structure. Each layer of descent into the hierarchy represents both an increase in detail that defines that layer of the hierarchy and how that layer is to be used. The hierarchical structure is defined by the functions necessarily required that each layer is to perform if each is to contribute to the overall structure of the hierarchy that controls how the information or knowledge is to function as it flows through the hierarchy of associations. This project was considered for inclusion in the portfolio as it is a representation in some sense of how information needs as information user functions will structure the form that the information takes in order to serve the needs of the information user.



Clicking the blog link below will take the reader to a blog post that discusses some of the concerns with universals and particulars in hierarchical structures that facilitate the function of information:

Semantic meanings exist as hierarchical recursions of a commonly shared meaning that defines itself